Love people. Love change.


Our icon is our vision. It reflects the history and the spirit of the families of our founders, Fearnley and Kinde, with deep roots and intrepid, sea-faring heritages.

Today, this comes to life in the brand’s pioneering approach to business. Everything we do is guided and underpinned by our North Star. A higher social and economic goal. Building businesses with purpose, innovation and soul.

This is our icon. A hark back to tradition beneath a shining star that guides our future.

We are involved in management consultancy, marketing, public relations, communications and investments.

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Our Mission

Fearnley & Kinde exists to support and grow pioneering, innovative and resolute businesses with a human touch.

We are entrepreneurial and compassionate, enabling creative minds to get on with what they do best.

In a world where positive change needs proactive backing, we are here to identify genuine change-makers and support them in their journey to success.

We want to deliver a surge in sustainability, platforms for growth and a better world for humanity, inspiring confidence in the future.

We believe that people who want to do things differently should not be seen as a risk. Instead, we see them as adventurous agents for positive change and that’s a story we want to play a part in.

Love people. Love change.

Core Values

As a company, we have identified four core values. Each represents the characteristics that we seek to embody, as well as those of the entities that we wish to work with.


Forging new paths towards a future we envisage as full of promise.

This is about working with humility and bringing people together to achieve.

With a positive mentality, a commitment to humanity, a democratic spirit and a desire for change, we can lay the pathway to a better tomorrow.


Inspired by creative thinking, we are champions of innovation.

New ideas that change how we see problems and how we find solutions.

We are informed by what has come before but also, equally, fully-focused on what is yet to be.


Our work revolves around people.

Whether that be the inspiring individuals we support, or the difference we’re seeking to deliver for humanity itself.

We believe in people and we’re motivated by our desire to help them.


We are committed. Unwavering. We understand that the road ahead may take many turns, but we shall never give up.

Our experience and our know-how provide the emotional intelligence and maturity to stay the course.

Our mission is to create change and deliver impact. This is something we shall never deviate from.

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